Below is our schedule for the day. We will begin at 9am with our invited address followed by student talks.

All sessions will be held over Zoom at this link

Student talk sessions will be in breakout rooms. Please see this site on self-selecting breakout rooms in Zoom if you need help.

Welcome and Invited Address
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9:10-10Invited Talk: The Joy of SET  (abstract) by Liz McMahon & Gary Gordon from Lafayette College
Student Talks
Session A
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Session B
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10:15-10:30They are Perfectly Identical: Perfect Matching Transitivity of Circulant Graphs
Isaac Reiter
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Semigroups of non-negative integer-valued matrices
Haoyuan Chen
Franklin & Marshall College
10:40-10:55Considering Quantum Games
Emma Miller
Moravian University
Nonparametric Curve Fitting: Techniques and Applications
Sarah Hartman, Ryan McAllister, & Griffin McVay
Messiah University
11:05-11:20A Bipartite Graph Reduction Game
Kayla Barker & Garrison Koch
Stockton University
Make your own "Message Protector"
Maria Nicos Alain Pasaylo
Anne Arundel Community College

Please visit the Student Talk Abstracts page for details.