Below is our schedule for the day. We will begin at 9am with our invited address followed by student talks.

All sessions will be held over Zoom. Links will appear here as well as being emailed to registered conference attendees on Saturday morning.

Welcome and Invited Address
Use this Zoom link
9:00-9:10 Welcome
9:10-10 Invited Address: Patterns in Permutations (abstract) by Lara Pudwell from Valparaiso University
Student Talks
Session A
Use this Zoom link (same as above)
Session B
Use this Zoom link
10:15-10:30 Bifurcation Analysis in a Mathematical Model for Red Blood Cell Dynamics
  Benjamin Brindle
  Lehigh University
Minimum Rank of Regular Bipartite Graphs
  Lucy Martinez
  Stockton University
10:40-10:55 A Mathematical Model for Forecasting the Spread of Covid-19 in Pennsylvania
  Jack DeGroot & Heather Kwolek
  Marywood University
Exceptional Totient Numbers
  Breille Duncan
  Cedar Crest College
11:05-11:20 Time Series Forecasting: Discrete Fourier Transforms and Discrete Wavelet Transforms
  Clare Bolin
  The Catholic University of America
Strong Proper Connection
  Emma Miller, Paige Beidelman, John 
Moore, & Johnna Farnham
  Moravian College REU
11:30-11:45 Solving Double Choco Puzzles Through Computing
  Lucas Acosta-Morales
  DeSales University

Please visit the Student Talk Abstracts page for details.