Invited Address

Lara Pudwell
Valparaiso University

Patterns in Permutations

A permutation is a list of numbers where order matters.  While it is well-known that there are n! ways to put n different numbers in order, there are a variety of follow-up research topics, especially when we study permutations that have specific properties.  In this talk, we will focus on permutation patterns -- that is, smaller permutations contained inside of larger permutations.  From a pure mathematics perspective, permutation patterns lead to a variety of interesting counting problems.  Looking further afield, we will see how permutations with zero copies of a given pattern arise naturally in computer science, and we will consider a situation where packing as many copies as possible of a pattern into permutations has a surprising connection to physical chemistry.  

About our Speaker: 
Lara Pudwell received a BA in computer science and a BS in mathematics from Valparaiso University and then went on to Rutgers to receive her Ph.D. in mathematics. Since then, she has returned to Valparaiso University and is an associate professor of mathematics teaching courses including calculus, linear algebra, discrete mathematics, and combinatorics. She has won the Henry L. Alder award for distinguished teaching and the CUR math faculty mentor award.  She has been an amazing ambassador for undergraduate research.  She has led dozens of undergraduate research groups and received awards for her work with students. In addition, she has given many invited addresses related to her work and her work with students, has over 30 publications, and numerous other national and international conference presentations.