Call for Talks

The Moravian College chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon invites you to the 35th annual Moravian College Student Mathematics Conference on February 13, 2021, a unique opportunity for undergraduate students from throughout the region to meet and discuss mathematics. 

The day begins with an invited address, which is followed by a program devoted to student talks in the fields of mathematics, statistics, operations research, and computing.

Our conference this year will be virtual. This means you will be giving your talk through Zoom.

We are looking for undergraduate students interested in giving talks at the conference. The talks should be 15 minutes in length and may be on any topic related to MATHEMATICS, STATISTICS, OPERATIONS RESEARCH, or COMPUTING. Possibilities would include the following:

  • Student research projects (honors, independent study, etc.)
  • Topics not usually covered in standard courses (could be done in
    survey fashion)
  • Class projects
  • Field studies
  • Interesting problems or applications
  • Summer jobs

If you are interested in giving a talk, please fill out our speaker registration form. You will need a title and an abstract of approximately 50 words.

The deadline for signing up for a talk is February 7, 2021.